Caption: our vision
5 Outcomes

12 Priorities

(3 starting points highlighted in italics)

17 Key indicators

(3 "obsessions" highlighted in italics)

CYP Are safe from harm.

1. Help children to live in safe and supportive families.

2. Ensure that the most vulnerable are protected.

1. Number of Children Looked After.

2. Number of children and young people with child protection plans.

CYP Do well at all levels of learning and have the skills for life.

3. Improve behaviour, attendance and achievement.

4. Increase numbers in employment, education or training.

5. Support children to be ready for learning.

6. Improve support where there are additional health needs.

3. School attendance.

Primary; Secondary
4. % of Young people NEET.
5. % with good level of development in Early Years.
6. % with good achievement at the end of primary school.
7. % gaining 5 good GCSEs including English and maths.
8. Level 3 qualifications at 19.
9. The number of CYP 16-18 who start an apprenticeship.
10. The number of disabled children accessing short breaks & levels of satisfaction.
CYP Choose healthy lifestyles.

7. Encourage activity and healthy eating.

8. Promote sexual health.

9. Minimise the misuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

11. Obesity levels at age 11.
12. Free school meal uptake- primary; secondary.
13. Teenage pregnancy.
14. Rates of under 18s alcohol related hospital admissions.
CYP Have fun growing up. 10. Provide play, leisure, culture and sporting opportunities. 15. % of CYP who agree with the statement “I enjoy my life”.
CYP Are active citizens who feel they have voice and influence.

11. Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

12. Increase participation, voice and influence.

16. Proportion of 10-17 year olds offending.
17. C&YP who report influence in a) school b) the community.