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3.13.8 Mother and Baby Assessment Placements (Finance)


This chapter is for eligible care leavers who are young mothers.

This is a new chapter for December 2011.

In situations where a young mother is placed in a baby assessment placement the following principles should apply:

  • The mother (if over the age of 16) should claim all available welfare benefits and contribute £15.00 from her benefits to cover utility costs for herself and her baby;
  • If food and utilities are included in the placement costs the mother should contribute £55.00;
  • The contribution should be made because the young mother is eligible to claim benefits to pay for these items and should also be provided to assess her money management and budgeting skills;
  • Additionally, the mother will cease to receive the Leaving Care Maintenance Allowance and Clothing Allowance which are replaced by welfare benefits.

Available Welfare Benefits for a Lone Parent Care Leavers Age 16 and 17

Child Tax Credits  
Baby Element (up to the 1st birthday)  £10.48
Family Element  £10.48
Child Element £44.23

Income Support £51.85
Child Benefit £20.30 (or £13.40, second child)
Total £137.34

The contribution should be collected by the young mothers social worker and should be paid to the budget covering the placement costs.