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June 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Care and Supervision Proceedings and the Public Law Outline (PLO) Section 3.1, Documents to be Filed with the Application has been updated to reflect the ‘permanence provisions’ of the Care Plan added by Section 8 Children and Social Work Act 2017 (amending Section 31(3B) Children Act 1989) which a court is required to consider when deciding whether to make a Care Order.
Child in Need Meetings A new Section 4, Children in Need Moving to Another Authority - Principles has been added. This new section emphasises the importance of sharing information and communication between the respective local authorities when a Child in Need Moves.
Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children Section 3, Age Assessment has been updated to include a reminder that, in advance of undertaking an age assessment for an unaccompanied asylum seeking child, local authorities must seek Home Office assistance with verifying the authenticity of identity documents e.g. travel documents or a birth certificate. A link to the relevant contact details within the Home Office has also been added.
Decision to Look After and Care Planning Section 3.1, The Care Plan – Contents has been amended to reflect the additional ‘permanence provisions’ of the Care Plan (as set out in Section 8 Children and Social Work Act 2017 which amends Section 31(3B) Children Act 1989) which a court is required to consider when deciding whether to make a Care Order.
Permanence Policy and Guidance Section 8.4, Early Permanence Placements / Fostering for Adoption has been updated to include the following:

The Children and Families Act 2014 imposes a duty to consider placements with carers who are approved as both adopters and foster carers and, where a child is such a placement, the relationship which the child has with the person who is a prospective adopter must be considered by the Court or Adoption Agency alongside other relevant relationships the child has with their relatives or other persons. (See Section 9 Children and Social Work Act 2017 amends Section 1(f) Adoption and Children Act 2002).
Looked After Reviews This chapter has been amended to fully reflect the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review Guidance and Regulations (Volume 2) with respect to the circumstances when the Independent Reviewing Officer might want to bring forward the date of a child’s Looked After Review. (See Section 2, Frequency of Looked After Reviews).
Contact / Family Time with Parents, Siblings and other Significant Family and Friends Section 4, Different Types of Contact has been updated include information on the use of social media / mobile communication for keeping in touch.
New Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Deprivations of Liberty This online resource provides information on Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty in relation to children and young people. Case-law makes clear that social workers and local authorities need to consider whether children in care or cared for away from home in other settings may be subject to a Deprivation of Liberty and, if so, what authorisation is required.
Mental Capacity This new section links to an online resource which will support practitioners to understand the Mental Capacity Act and practice confidently. Everyone working with (or caring for) any young person from the age of 16 who may lack capacity must comply with the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
Removed Chapters
  • Financial Support in Adoption - Guidance for Adoptive Parents;
  • Guidance to Requirements of Annex B Report;
  • Early Permanence Placements - Project Resource Pack.

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